Out of print songs!

I’ve been digging through the old recordings…mainly looking for some tracks that are now out-of-print to share with you.  I found some nice ones that I will be posting on the discography page as well.  Enjoy!

Forget Me Not.  Originally released in 2001 on the EP “Out on a Limb”

Forget Me Not by clintnio

Ballad of a Self Fulfilling Prophecy.  This one was on a live CD that I put together in 2003 called “A Night Like Real Life”.

Ballad of a Self Fulfilling Prophecy by clintnio

These two were on an EP I made in 2004 title “Off the Band Wagon/Into the Bargain Bin”.  It’s interesting hearing the electronic bits. 

Where I Return:

Where I Return by clintnio

Best Defense Live 07-17-2004 at Black Dog Tavern (the old downtown location!):

Best Defense Live 7-17-04 by clintnio

And finally, from a collection of home recording that I put together in 2005 titled “Peicemeal Express” is a track called “Space Flight of the Nazarene.”  I made this one up one the fly…and I’m a bit proud that the whole thing is one take and one track :)

Space Flight of the Nazarene by clintnio

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